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Bangladesh Bank Rules

Bangladesh Bank Rules

We are required, strictly, to observe rules & regulations of Bangladesh Bank:

1. Limit of Travel Quota cards shall be for one calendar year. Any payment through a particular payment mode shall not restore the limit to the previous position.
2. As per Bangladesh Bank’s rules, under personal travel quota, a Bangladeshi national is entitled to spend up to USD 1,000/-(by air) in SAARC member countries and Myanmar. These countries are Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar.
3. A Bangladeshi national is entitled to spend up to USD 3,000/-in other than SAARC member countries and Myanmar.
4. Usually Travel Quota cardholders pay their dues in local currency (BDT). Travel Quota outstanding can be adjusted / paid from RFCD Account only if cardholders exceed Travel Quota entitlement i.e. for the exceeding amount. Payment from RFCD account shall only increase the Card limit.