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About Premier Bank Visa Credit Card

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Eligibility of VISA Card

The persons from the following groups have the Eligibility for a Card:
1. Directors of all Commercial Banks
2. For Bankerís, any officer drawing monthly salary of minimum Tk. 10,000/- and above.
3. Any borrowers who have credit limit of Tk. 5.00 Lac with any bank with regular payments.
4. Customers maintaining average balance of Tk. 1.00 Lac in our bank
5. Chairman & Directors of all Government Corporations, Local Bodies, reputed NGOs, Multinational Companies, and reputed Local organizations etc.
6. Assistant Director and above in Bangladesh Bank
7. Deputy Secretary and above in the Govt. Secretariats
8. All Doctors/ Physicians who have private/public practice
9. All Vice Chancellors, Professors and Associate Professors of Universities (Govt.& Private).
10. All Lawyers who have Bar-at-Law degree and in regular practice
11. Corporate customers of other banks enjoying credit facility of Tk. 1 crore and above, who are not overdue/ classified.
12. Employees of all reputed NGOs, Multinational Companies, Local organizations having monthly salary of Tk. 15,000/- and above.

Following will not be eligible for Credit Cards:

1. Students and pupils who do not have regular job.
2. Borrowers who have classified loans.
3. Minors, Lunatics, Bankrupts, defaulters and insolvent.