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1. What should I do if my card is lost or damaged?
Immediately inform our Premier Bank Card Division. They will immediately freeze payments on your current card and a new card will be delivered to you within few days.

2. Can I retain my Credit Card if I immigrate?
Credit Cards (including local/ International cards) are issued to resident Bangladeshi nationals only. Therefore, under Central Bank’s guidelines, you have to surrender your cards to the bank if you are proceeding abroad on employment or on emigration.

3. Can I use my Credit Card for expenses on the Internet?
Presently, we do not allow any Internet Transaction on our cards.

4. What do I do if my Credit Card is declined?

Please call the Premier Bank Card Division.

5. What if I cross my credit limit?
If you cross your credit limit, Excess limit penalty will be charged at the rate of Tk 300 and Tk 500 for Classic Local & Gold Local card respectively; USD 15 and USD 20 for Classic and Gold International card respectively.
6. What is the Revolving Credit Facility?
When you receive your bill, you have the flexibility of selecting any of the following payment options:
  Pay the total amount due.
  Pay only the minimum amount due (5% of the bill amount subject to a minimum of Tk. 500 or USD 50) and the balance can be carried forward to subsequent statements.
  Pay any amount ranging from the minimum amount due to the total amount due.
  After settling of the bill cardholder’s limit goes up and limit can be used again. This is call Revolving Credit Facility.

7. When do I start paying interest on new purchases if I am already revolving credit?
If you are revolving your credit, fresh purchases attract interest from their date of transaction / posting.

8. Are there any interest charges?
If you send a payment for the Total Amount Due before the "Payment Due Date" no interest charges are applied. Thus you can enjoy interest-free credit from the date of purchase to the date on which the payment is due. This can be as high as 45 days for all card members. However, for certain transactions like cash withdrawals, interest charges would be applicable from the date of transaction till date of payment received

If you send a payment for the "Minimum Amount Due" or pay any part amount less than the "Total Amount Due", interest charges are applied on the outstanding amount and on any fresh charges that you incur subsequently.
If there are some unpaid "Minimum Amounts Due" of previous statements, then these will also be added on to the "Minimum Amount Due" of your current statement.

If you for some reason exceeded your credit limit then the amount by which you have exceeded the credit limit will also be added to the "Minimum Amount Due".

9. When will the interest be charged?
If all outstanding charges are paid at any point of time, the interest charges will cease to apply immediately.

10. How do I pay my Credit Card bill?

1. Drop cheques at the 'drop box' facility at Premier Bank branches.
2. Cash payments are accepted only at Premier Bank branches during banking hours.
3. Premier Bank account holders can avail the convenience of the "Auto Debit" facility.
4. If you are not a PREMIER Bank account holder, you can still pay from your existing Bank account through cheques.

11. What is the "Auto Debit" facility?
"Auto Debit" allows a Premier Bank account holder to give standing instructions to pay their Credit Card bills (either minimum amount or total amount due) directly through their bank account. Simply give a written instruction to the Premier Bank to directly debit the payment from your account every month or call the Premier Bank Card Division.

12. What happens if my cheques gets delayed in the mail beyond the payment due date?
If your payment is not received by the payment due date, a late payment fee is applicable and interest will also be charged.

13. What happens if I pay more than the total amount due?
The excess amount shows up in your monthly statement and is adjusted against future purchases.

14. What is the credit period?
Card Maximum Interest free period*
For all types of cards 45 days
*This is applicable provided the Total Payment due shown in the previous statement is settled in full.

15. Am I guaranteed to receive a credit card?
No, by applying for a credit card, you authorize us to verify the information provided on your application. Approval is subject to review of the information provided in the application form.

16. Can I have more than one credit card account?

Yes, you may have one Local Credit Card and one International Credit Card.

17. I already have a MasterCard. Can I apply for a VISA card instead?

Yes, you can apply for a premier Bank Visa Credit Card.

18. When will I receive my Visa Credit Card?

If you are approved, you will receive your new Premier Bank Visa Credit Card within few days after having approval from the Management

19. Is there an Annual Fee?

Yes, your card will have an annual fee depending on the type card

20. What is a Cash Advance?

A cash advance is a withdrawal against the available credit on your credit card account and all advances made by cash advanced over the counter and through Standard Chartered Bank’s ATMs. There is no grace period when you obtain a cash advance and finance charges begin to accrue on the transaction date. Cash advance amount is up to 50% of the credit limit for local cards; 15% and 20% of the credit limit for classic & Gold International Card respectively.

21. Who can I call if I have a question regarding my account?

You can contact Customer Service of Card Division.

22. Why Should I Apply for a Premier Bank Visa Card?
Premier Bank Visa Credit Card offers the following facilities

  Cash Advance Facility
  World wide acceptance
  Free Credit up to 45 days
  Photo card options
  Real time Online Banking
  Auto Debit payment
  Zero Lost card liability
  Bonus Rewards program
  Flexible payment facility

23. How Do I Apply?
It's easy, and takes just a few minutes. Go to the web site\Visa or call +8802 8854675 for customer services.