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Fees and Charges

Annual Fee    
Local Tk. 1,000 Tk. 1,800
International USD 40 USD 80
Supplementary Card Fee    
Local Free Free
Replacement Card Fee    
Local Tk. 300 Tk. 500
International USD 15 USD 15
Late Payment fee    
Local Tk. 200 Tk. 300
International USD 10 USD 10
Cheque Return Fee    
Local Tk. 250 Tk. 350
International USD 10 USD 10
Statement Retrieval Fee    
Local Tk. 50 Tk. 50
International USD 5 USD 5
Charge Slip Retrieval Fee    
Local Tk. 200 Tk. 250
International USD 10 USD 10
Outstation Cheque Collection Fee    
Local Tk. 100 Tk. 100
International USD 15 USD 15
PIN Replacement Fee    
Local Tk. 500 Tk. 500
International USD 10 USD 10
Excess Limit Fee    
Local Tk. 200 Tk. 300
International USD 10 USD 15
Cash Advance Fee    
Local 2% or TK. 150(higher)
International 3% of withdrawal amnt.
Interest Charge(Per Month)    
Local 2.5% 2.5%
International 2.5% 2.5%


1. Minimum Payment For local Card is 5% or Tk. 500 whichever is higher and for International Card it is 5% or USD 50 whichever is higher
2. Interest is 2.5% monthly for both local and international cards. Interest shall be calculated daily basis on card account from from the transaction posting date.
3. Cash advance facility: The bank offers cash advance up to 50% (local) and 20%(international) respectively of the credit limit
4. All fees and charges mentioned in this page are subject to change without notice
5. No refund of annual fees will be available if the card is terminated.
6. Charges, fees etc. listed on this page are applicable for The Premier Bank Limited Credit card
7. Additional expenses, eg. postage, cable, courier, tax, legal fee etc will be charged for, where incurred.
8. For any enquiries on interest rates, fees, charges etc. please call us at +8802 9887581-4 ext 701-3