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About Premier Bank Visa Credit Card

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Card Policy

Presently, we do not have any credit rating company in the country and at the same time information on the customer from third party is not always reliable. Therefore, we need to make our own scoring system. Since it will be difficult to prepare a standard scoring system to assess everybody’s credit worthiness we have to substantially depend on judgmental analysis to make decision on individual cases. Every individual case shall be unique and separate from others. We have also built a credit matrix, which will tell us how much a card applicant may be entitled for the card limit. But issuance of Premier Bank Visa Credit Card to individuals and to corporate members under corporate guarantee shall be decided on a case-to-case basis.

Types of Visa Credit Card offered by Premier Bank:
1. Visa Classic Local(Valid Only in Bangladesh)
2. Visa Classic International(Valid worldwide except in Bangladesh)
3. Visa Gold Local(Valid Only in Bangladesh)
4. Visa Gold International(Valid worldwide except in Bangladesh

Credit Limit:

The Credit limit should be flexible, proportionate to cardholder’s income reflects financial soundness and employment status etc. The following card limits may be applied to different Card types:

Card Type Credit Limit
Visa Classic-Local Tk. 10,000-Tk. 49,000
Visa Gold-Local Tk. 50,000- Tk. 50,00,000
Visa Classic- International USD 1,000-USD 3,000
Visa Gold-International USD3,000-USD 25,000

Following points should be given due consideration:

1. Amount and stability of the prospective cardholder’s income
2. Ownership of Home, Car, Telephone and other movable and immovable property.
3. Current financial status
4. Sound Previous credit history, especially whenever recommended by own branches or any other schedule commercial banks of Bangladesh
5. Age, Marital Status, dependence and nature of job
6. Credit worthiness
7. TIN