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About Premier Bank Visa Credit Card

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Special Features
1. Premier Bank ensures high level of security by placing cardholderís photograph on the card.
2. 15-45 days credit from the date of transaction.
When customer receive their monthly statement, they can either choose to pay in full or just the minimum due amount shown in the statement. No interest is charged if they pay in full within payment due date.
3. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year worldwide services.
4. No joining/ administrative fees.
5. Waiver of annual fees for International Card - If they accumulate 20,000 Premier Bank Bonus Point for their Gold Intíl Card or 10,000 Bonus point for their Classic Intíl Card in a year then they can enjoy their card without fees.
(USD 1 Purchase: I Bonus Point)
6. Waiver of Annual fees for Local Card: If they accumulate 10,000 Premier Bank Bonus Point for their Gold Card or 8,000 Bonus Points for their Classic Card in a year then they can enjoy the card without fees.
(Tk 50/- Purchase: 1 Bonus points)
7. The highest Premier Bank Bonus Point holder can enjoy free air ticket Dhaka-Bangkok-Dhaka (Economy Class)
8. Cash Advance Facility- See detailed in Fees & Charges